Thursday, 2 February 2012

Dining Room Designs

If you are looking to rejuvenate your home a little, what better place to start than the dining room? With a carefully thought out dining room, eating or entertaining may become a much more pleasurable experience.

Dining Tables

The core of the dining room needs to strike an impression. It could be a simple breakfast counter for one, or a shared dining table for 10, the choice of table should fit your lifestyle.

Round tables VS Rectangular table

A round table famously encourages conversation – everyone more or less sits the same distance from one another, and you can make eye contact with anyone at the table. You can even squeeze in an extra chair if you need to. 

A rectangular table however looks less formal than a chair to fit round the table, but it might be too tight if too many people turn up.

Extendable tables

If you have a large extended family, or tend to throw dinner parties often, then an extendable table might be the solution. These tables can be collapsed to a small, manageable size that sits about two to four people. But when guests come over during special occasions, you can extend the table to accommodate more people.

Built-in dining tables

For small spaces, a built-in-table might solve a lot of problems. Firstly, you can customize its size to fit into the smallest corners and even in oddly-shaped niches. Because the table is fixed to the wall or floor, you won’t be able to move it around, so make sure you finalize the spot. 

Effectively, the dining table can be lifted up and stored against the wall or in use. During meal times, simply pull out the table and you’ll have the space you need for dining in.


It’s only common sense not to push the table up against the wall – this drastically cuts down the number of seats you can fit around the table. Place the table in the middle of the room, or slightly off-center. 

Make sure that there is plenty of space for people to walk around the table, even when the chairs are pulled out. Similarly, don’t forget to accommodate space for guests to fully stand up and push back their chairs.

Dining chairs

Dining chairs usually come in a set along with the dining table. This doesn’t give you a lot of freedom if you intend to customize your dining area. A popular trend is to mix and match different dining chairs at the table, giving the room a quirky and eclectic look.

High-back chairs derive a ceremonial fell that might look inappropriate in certain homes. Rattan-waves on the other hand, might come across as too informal. Find the right set of chairs by matching it with your dining table. 

Solid wood tables demand seating that is similarly sturdy and robust. Wrought iron seats or chairs suits table that is slimmer and more detailed.

If you’re buying dining chairs separately from the tables, make sure that height is compatible with each other. When sitting on the chairs, you should have plenty of space between your lap and the bottom of the table top. The chairs should also be high enough so you can comfortably rest elbow on the top of the table.


If possible, install dimmers in the dining room for that perfect lighting solution. You can turn up the bulbs if you want to strike up a fun and lively ambience, or turn down the lights for a romantic atmosphere.

Warm, heat-emitting lights like spotlights are generally frowned upon when it comes to the dining room. You don’t want to work up a sweet when you’re trying to enjoy a sumptuous meal. Instead, cool, natural lights are more conductive. Make sure you don’t shine the light directly into anyone’s faces, and that hanging lights are strung up at a comfortable height.

Chandeliers and pendant lamps are suitable for the dining room because they’re beautiful to look at. Match them with the décor for a comprehensive look and you’ll have a sure winner.


To decorate your dining area, try choosing a centerpiece that will enhance the beauty of your dining space. You can have a simple vase with fresh flowers or plants minimally used and arranged but do not make it look too bulky. The simpler the centrepiece, the better. 

Moreover, you can also place white flowers with green leaves. Try put some candles because it can also looks well. You can choose earth tones for your centrepiece to get that contemporary look.

Attaining a contemporary look for your dining room requires your creativity. After all, it is still you who will decide as to what furniture and colours to use. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that you will need to buy new furniture. It once again relies on how you will use your initiative to attain a contemporary dining room.

Yolancia Cindy
Junior Interior Designer
AVL Living Concept