Friday, 8 July 2011

Lighting Trends 2011

The trend of lighting fixtures in this year will be opulent as well as elegant and sophisticated as well as contemporary. Check out four major 2011 lighting trends from Sean Lavin, Vice President of Product Design at Tech Lighting. 

The Updated Classic – Beautiful Hand-blown Glass in Daring New Styles and On-Trend Colors 
"Timeless classics are inspired by the past, with a contemporary aesthetic extending to the future. Traditional materials such as hand-blown glass from Murano, Italy, and classic silhouettes are updated with fresh details and in new proportions. Among the colors for 2011 that will breathe new life into rooms for years is smoke, which has made its way into glass and other lighting fabrications as well."

Contemporary Organic – Making Statements With Fabric 
"Natural materials and colors drawn from nature, including wool, tweed, thatch, linen, and braided styles are on-trend as calming neutrals. Silhouettes and patterns in this category find inspiration from around the globe, while palettes and textures add timeless interest."

Standout Customization and Style 
"For those who love to make an undeniable personal statement, bright colors and one-of-a-kind pieces are the answer. Colors are bright, and textures and options create dramatic interest for artistic flair. Clusters of pendants are emerging as a strong trend, and what better than to take that and truly make it your own?"

Environmentally Friendly LED You’ll Love to Own 
"A half-century after their invention, light-emitting diode (LED) options are becoming the lighting of choice for many, especially as there is no longer a need to compromise design for efficiency. LEDs not only last longer and reduce energy required for lighting by as much as eight percent, but the technology has improved to allow a warmer white light than in past years. Leaders in low-voltage lighting like Tech Lighting are delivering true style in broad and varied selections for both pendants and wall sconces."


Najwa Talib
AVL Living Concept


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