Friday, 30 September 2011

Cooker Hoods & Hobs For Kitchen

Cooker hoods definitely play a very vital role in the kitchens and one such type of cooker hoods in the list is Oven Cooker Hoods. These cooker hoods are basically designed with built in extractor fans, which serve in efficient removing of heat, grease, smoke and odours from the kitchen even during the use of stove. Thus we can definitely say that along with giving an outstanding, vividly appealing presence, the cooker hoods are also extremely important to the health of the inhabitants and their kitchen areas.

 Cooker Hoods 

Oven cooker hoods hold more importance than any other appliances to every kitchen area because without proper ventilation of heat, grease, smoke and odours from the kitchen, a cooking area could be counted as no less than any ruined area that can anytime develop mildew and mould from a low amount of ventilation during cooking.

Thus, it becomes important that good cooker hoods are installed in a kitchen, which can efficiently pull the smoke and vapour right out of the air, thereby presenting the kitchen with clean and smoke free environment enabling the user to prepare dinner for years to come and that too always in smoke-free atmosphere. There is a big variety of oven cooker hoods that is available in the market and can be picked.
Here are three tips to keep in mind as you browse around for the right kitchen hood. 

· Find a hood that reflects the overall style of your kitchen

There is a kitchen hood for every taste. The critical point you need to remember is to select a hood that complements your kitchen. 

· Find a hood that provides proper functionally

A kitchen hood is not only about style. It is a tool. The purpose of a range hood is to draw up grease, smoke, vapours and odours. If you are cooking constantly, especially if you prefer frying, baking, and broiling, you need a hood that will provide maximum ventilation, not merely a microwave oven ventilator. 

· Find a hood that fits well.

You should also choose a hood that covers the cooking area of your stove. Energy efficiency is compromised if the size of your oven and the size of your hood system do not match.


The hob is the heart of kitchen same like hoods. Hob also play a very vital role in the kitchen. Hobs are designed to fit into your kitchen workshops. They can be either gas hobs or electric hobs and can be designed to be sleek and subtle or big and bold depending on how you have design your kitchen. Electric splits down again into ceramic hobs, induction hobs and solid plates hobs. 

The basic difference is speed of heating up and controllability. Induction is quickest and solid plate is slowest. The days of everything being one size are gone with nearly 600 different hobs to choose from you can have virtually any width and burner combination your heart desires.

Here are tips for you to keep in mind when choosing the right hobs: 

· Different types of hobs
Understand the different types of hobs and heat sources, as an unsuitable saucepan may not only be damaged itself but could also cause damage to the cooking appliance.

· Amount of Heat
Make sure pots and pans are receiving the right amount of heat. Some electric hobs have flexible cooking zones, which allow you to increase or decrease the amount of the hob being used to fit the size of the pan. 

Though there are numerous manufacturers of cooker hoods and hobs that are available in the market to serve with a variety of products, but it is very important for us to select the right kitchen hood and hobs and it is not easy. One of the best facts that highlight the ever growing use of professionally manufactured oven cooker hoods is the vast variety of high quality hoods and hobs available from leading brands. Due to its size and centrality in your kitchen, a kitchen hood and hobs forms an integral component to the style, flavour and overall look of your kitchen.

Edited by:
Vincentya Lie
Junior Interior Designer
AVL Living Concept


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