Saturday, 14 May 2011

Interior Design Tips: Kitchen Worktops

Kitchen worktop is one of the most important elements that will make or break your kitchen, and we are talking about both aesthetically and functionality. Thus it’s of upmost importance that you make the right decision.

Don’t sweat it though as we are here to help you make the best choice according to your needs among the most popular worktop materials here in the Malaysian market.

High Pressure Laminate Worktop

High Pressure Laminate Worktop or you might hear it being called the mieco top. HPL top is a material you can pick for if you have a tight budget. It is also scratch and heat resistant but the downside is that you will have a visible joining if you are having an L-shaped or U-shaped kitchen. Note also that its core is made of chipboard, it may not be very durable in the long run.


Granite is natural stone and still stands proudly as one of the most durable, heatproof, scratch and stain resistant and maintenance-friendly worktop material in the market. It is more costly but it is the most advisable choice for wet kitchen use.


Marble. Yes we know that some marble are too beautiful to resist. Though it is also a type or natural stone, it is porous and therefore stains easily if it’s not well taken care of or professionally sealed. Yet, you can still use it as worktop for your dry kitchen for aesthetic purpose.


Tiles, whether it is ceramic or porcelain has a wide variety of colours and choices yet it is very prone to crack and the grout will easily be dirty if it is not well maintained.

Solid Surface

Solid surface has emerged to be one of the superstars of kitchen worktop material. This is because it matches really well with high gloss material for kitchen cabinet doors to create the modern and contemporary look. Thus, solid surfaces also has wide range of colours and patterns and also can be molded to various shapes without leaving behind any joining. The price can go very high though depending on the brand and colour that you choose. It is stain resistant but will be scratched and sometimes not very heat resistant.


Quartz. This up-and-coming material is said to be “bulletproof” as it is very hard and durable. An engineered stone, it is made of more than 90% of quartz particles. Its appearance is similar to that of solid surface, with many choices of colours and patterns. Yet, it is heat and scratch resistant. High quality quartz is non-porous and therefore stain resistant. It is very expensive but you can choose for cheaper alternatives from China now.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is not a common worktop material in the residential setting but it’s effective in creating a modern and seamless look in the kitchen. It is easily cleaned, stain and heat resistant but is vulnerable to scratch and also finger marks. 

In all the excitement of planning a layout and choosing designs for a new kitchen, the worktop can often seem an afterthought. Yet, with a bewildering choice of different surfaces available, choose the best for your particular kitchen and something that will help enhance the overall look of your kitchen. 

Lew Shu Ni
Interior Designer
AVL Living Concept


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