Wednesday, 18 May 2011

The Meaning of Colors For Rooms

The biggest influence on the human state of mind with the possible exception of the weather is color. The psychology of color and how color affects human behavior influence the behaviour and mood of the people who use these spaces. We should use color in our home environments but the first step is we need to understand the psychological effects the color to us.


Blue color is said to be very calming, relaxing and refreshing. It also makes a room look bigger than it is. Blue is best used in case of bedrooms. Since it acts as an appetite represent, it should not be used in the dining room. At the same time, it is a cold color and should always be balanced with warm colors like yellow and orange. 

Green color has a soothing effect on the mind and thus, is associated with relaxation of nervous system and lowering of blood pressure. Being a cold color, it should be always be balanced with red. Green is also considered to be the color of luck and makes a small room appear bigger. 

Red color has been known to stimulate mind and nervous system and thus, is regarded as conversation stimulant. At the same time, it also arouses appetite. These are the reason why the color will be suitable in drawing as well as dining room. Red makes objects appear smaller, so avoid it in rooms that are already small. Being a warm color, it should be used in association with green. 

Yellow is a warm color that is associated with power and helps in spreading about a bright, happy and cheerful atmosphere. It is best used in rooms that do not get adequate sunlight. Yellow also makes a room appear smaller and can be balanced by using violet color. 

Pink is a very soft color and is best used in bedrooms of little girls. Since it has been associated with weakness, it should not be used in excess and should always be used with a bold color. 

Orange, being the combination of red and yellow, has all the traits that those two colors have. It exudes warmth, acts as an appetite stimulant and spreads exuberance. Orange should be used in dining room and can be balanced by using blue color. Since it gives an emotional uplift, those suffering from depression would benefit if surrounded by this color. 

Purple (Violet) 
Purple has been known to be the color of royalty and is also associated with spirituality. The color is said to promote creativity, but only if used in moderation. It is a cold color and is never advised to be used in excess; otherwise it might lead to depression and moodiness. You can moderate the color’s effect by using it with yellow. Purple also helps in making small room appear larger. 


Brown is an earthy color that is believed to create the feeling of intimacy. It also spreads calm and serenity and is good for those who suffer from anxiety or nervousness. However, since it is so subdued, it should always be used with bold colors like green. You can also go for different tones in brown, like beige and tan. 

The color black can convey a lot, depending upon how it is used. On one hand, it can make a room look elegant, suave and chic. On the other, it can impart a depressed feel to the room. This is the reason why it should not be used alone and in a wide area. It is best complimented with white. 

White color signifies purity, freshness, peace and kindness. Rather than using on the surface as a whole, white should be used as an accent or background color. The best combination of white is formed with black.

We all want to make our rooms interior design perfectly so make sure we choose the best color to suits with our mood and psychology. 

Najwa Talib
AVL Living Concept


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