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10 Kitchen Trends

Trends in kitchen design are sometimes considered temporary popular, appearing one day, and passing the next. However, if you look deeper, there are trends that are consistent, quite some of them are here to stay. Kitchens are once or twice in a lifetime projects are opens to new ideas, absolutely, but seek longevity in design and materials as well. 

1. Kitchens Become Family Rooms 
Nowadays, kitchens are incorporating dining rooms and sitting rooms into unified space. Kitchen cabinets are looking more like excellent furniture, while counters and islands are becoming dining tables. Thus, banquette seating can offer comfortable seating for people who mass in the kitchen for more food. These few combinations can bring along family member to seat together in kitchen to have little chat while enjoying their foods. 

2. White Cabinetry 
Beautiful and timeless, white cabinets are a versatile choice for any kitchen. The desirability of white cabinetry is that it works with multiple architectural styles; from traditional to country chic and minimalism to contemporary style. White cabinetry opens a room to a number of decor choices and color palettes that have no boundaries and turns the kitchen into a environment that can embellished as much or as little as you like.

3. Stainless Steel Appliances 
Stainless Steel Appliances bring a sophisticated and rich feeling to the kitchen and work with variety of kitchen styles. The sleek silver lines bring a polished look to refrigerators, stoves, and even trash compactors and waste bins. Plus, there will no more worrying about fingerprints smudging the surface of stainless steel. Manufactures now had offering fingerprint-resistant steel that eliminates this issue. 

4. Work Zones 
Special workstations are cropping up in kitchens across the country and range from expansion to practical. Each zone indicates different type of task that will be held in the kitchen. Popular examples include baking centers, coffee bars, wine-tasting nooks and pizza making stations. 

5. Walk-in Pantries 
A walk-in pantry is the perfect solution for families who require must-have kitchen items in quantity. All necessities such as snacks, canned goods, backing supplies and even additional goods such as paper towels and aluminum foil are hidden behind closed doors. It is also functioned as a space to keep items used on a daily basis such as silverware, dishes, glassware, and cooking gadgets as it is reserved in kitchen drawers and cupboards.

6. Save and Splurge Strategy 
By choosing to splurge or overdo on one item to one another to decorate kitchen, consumers are sticking to their remodeling budgets and saving money. This mentality has always been considered by remodelers, but when the state of economy is shaky, this trend rises to top of mind. For instance, while choosing the best kitchen countertops, go for solid surface instead of granites if you are out of budgets. 

7. Technology in Kitchen 
As people become increasingly tech savvy, kitchens and bathrooms are being accessorized with electronics rather than traditional decor. Popular electronics items such as wall-mounted televisions, sound systems and computers, are showing up in all rooms at home. Another hot trend is making the home "wireless". 

8. Eco-Friendly Products 
Products made from sustainable materials are increasingly popular. Eco-friendly cabinetry made from bamboo or wheat board, are often manufactured with low-or no formaldehyde glues, which protect the home's indoor air quality. Water conserving faucets and Energy Star rated appliances help homeowners save money on energy bills and reduce the use of natural resources. 

9. Integrated Appliances 
Refrigerators have become ever larger, but new technology and techniques make them virtually invisible, a big leap forward in built-in refrigeration. Cabinetry panels discreetly hide these appliances, allowing the room's style to take center stage.

10. Layered Kitchens Lighting 
Many functional and comfortable kitchens have layered lighting approach. A series of recessed fixtures provide ambient light. Chandeliers and pendants are popular products for task lighting over an island or seating area. Accent lighting above and below cabinets or in a glass-front cabinet are used to highlight special areas of the kitchen. Having a variety of lighting options lets you instantly convert your kitchen from a functional work space to an intimate dining space. 

In addition, the light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are available now for the home. These low-voltage lamps consume less than half as much electricity as fluorescents and can last 10 times longer. One of the practical uses for LEDs right now is under cabinet lighting. 

These kitchen’s trends however may change from time to time. It is likely before we design our kitchen, we consider about the function of kitchen that suits with our working environment. Remember, kitchen refurbishment is the most popular form of home improvement, and one which will add value to your property when the time does come to sell up. 

Original Article:
ids Magazine June/July Issue 18

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